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Payouts from heaven

Deliver amazing perks, rewards and incentive experiences that would make your customers love you.

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Some of our clients

Make it fancy

Refuse to fit in the payment rails that aren't as heavenly as your customers deserve.

Two clicks virtual card payout

Perfect for rewards programs requiring minimum customer effort, blazing-fast payout, and low cost. The process is flawless:

Click 1: Select the payment option from the email

Click 2: Enter the code sent on the user's mobile

The card credentials are there, and the customer can spend the funds online or add the card to Apple or Google Pay.
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Vibrant branded physical cards

Some programs need to have physical engagement with the client. A card with excellent design in a great package can elevate the brand experience. Or sometimes, for other reasons, plastic is a must. We have you covered. Тhe process is flawless:

Click 1: Select the payment option from the email

Click 2: Enter the code sent on the user’s mobile

Click 3: Submit your delivery address

The card will be in your hands soon.
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Velvety smooth bank transfers

Payout to a bank account is preferred by some customers and a must for many programs. But it can be a hustle. Not anymore:

Click 1: Select the option

Click 2: Enter the activation code

Click 3: Submit your IBAN or account number

We support SEPA, FasterPay, CHAPS, Bacs.

Go big with your branded digital wallet

Some reward programs are complex. Customers need to get frequent payouts and intuitively track transaction history and balances. Sounds like you need to build wholesome mobile banking. You don't. We have already done it for you.

Execute payouts directly to your branded best-in-class digital wallet your customers will love you for. Provide modern fintech experience and payout to your peers as frequently as needed.
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How we bring serenity


Set your programs

Set as many as you would like to. Set a name of the program, a card branding, email templates, and the payout options that would be available for your users.

Disburse the payouts

You can disburse the payouts by API, file upload, or manually via our management portal. We will send notification emails by your template instantly.

Reconcile and track results

Reconciliation can be hell. We have you covered. Always know how the money has been disbursed, and track the whole funnel easily from open email rate to funds usage.
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